Wings Over South Texas NAS Kingsville 2 - 3 April 2022_Eric Renth

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IMG 0094 - Copy Attrecting a crowd! Amanda Lee's mount! The great delta pass!
C-130J Fat Albert followed the FA-18F! This gentleman is a former F-16 fixer! The MV-22 Osprey never fails to inpress! Many say Fat Albert is the C-130 of C-130s!
This retired HU-25 Falcon is display at the Coast Guard complex. Lt. Amanda Lee is the first female fighter pilot to fly with the Blues. IMG 0F-16A 75-0745 was the first FSD Viper and now used a recruiting display. Hard to beleive that this Fat Albert once flew with England's Royal Air Fir Force!
The #7 BA FA-18F landed at NAS CC on Thursday May 4th and attracted curious onlookers! This Texas Army National Guard Ah-64D Apache is based at Ellington Field.  On the display pier Amanda Lee was fun to talk to.  Started out in the enlisted ranks and worked toward becoming a flyer.