Wings Over North Georgia_Chris Buff

A-10 Climbing
USAF A-10 Warthog pulls up abruptly after a simulated attack run
Airshow Racing Series
Two Pitts biplanes practice over the race course at the Airshow Racing Series, Rome GA
Bob Freeman Knife Edge
Bob Freeman slides olong the flightline at Wings Over North Georgia
Bob Freeman Kicking It Around
Bob Freeman slides into a tumble over Rome Georgia
Buck Roetman spirals down
Buck Roetman spirals down in his Pitts
Buck Roetman Inverted
Buck Roetman sees the world a bit differently.
Buck Roetman Tumbles Over Rome
Buck Roetman tumbles over Rome Georgia in his Pitts
Chefpitts Inverted Climb
Clemens Kuhlig in his Pitts.
CHEFPITTS at Wings Over North Georgia
Clemens Kuhlig in his Pitts.
Gator acknowledges the Rome Georgia Crowd
USAF Maj. Haden "Gator" Fullam waves to the crowd in Rome, Georgia
A-10 Slow Roll
Gator slow rolls the A-10
A-10 Returns to the ramp
Gator brings the A-10 back to the ramp at Wings Over North Georgia
Gator preflights the A-10
USAF Maj Haydn "Gator" Fullam preflights the A-10 prior to his flight demonstration
He's a Big Boy!
Closeup on the nose of a USAF C-17 Globmaster III at Rome, Georgia.
Qyon Aero Sports flying tight formation
A pair of Marchetti S-21 jets fly close formation at Rome, Georgia
Redline Tight Formation
The Redline RV's fly in tight formation at Wings Over North Georgia
Airshow Racing Series
Two aircraft race during the debut of the Airshow Racing Series at Wings Over North Georgia