Boundary Bay Airshow 22_Mike Head

Allied Wings have a contract to operate and train on the Bell 412CF with the Canadian Forces in different Military
Projects that take certain skills.
Brad Wursten in his MX-2 N545BW taxiing by for the crowd after a crisp display.
Brent Handy in his Pitts S-2B C-GZPG taking off to perform before the crowd of spectators at the Boundary Bay Airshow which drew large numbers.
Erickson Group F8F-2 Bearcat N800H doing an elegant topside pass for the large airshow crowd.
Erickson Group F4U-7 Corsair N1337A climbing out thru the Northern Stars Pitts Smoke.
Mike Tryggvason in his G202 C-GXGS seeming to have high energy performing the aerobatic routine.
Northern Stars Aero Team with pilots Brent Handy, Todd Farrell and Gregory Hume-Powell in their Pitts S-2Bs bringing back memories of another great Canadian…
Reimair Consulting brought in a very rare aircraft for display a Scottish Aviation 125 Bulldog C-FHEE . Excellent to see such a beauty.
Vicky Benzing down and out of a loop in her A75N1 Stearman N63529.
Vicky Benzing in her Boeing A75N1 Stearman N63529 going into a vertical climb. I believe this is the second or third time she has graced the skies over the…
Yellow Thunder pilots David Watson in Harvard 4 C-FVYF and Drew Watson in a Harvard 2 C-FPST performing before the crowd. Both are based in Alberta.