Atlanta Air Show_Chris Buff

Buck Roetman Inverted Ribbon Cut
Buck Roetman performs an inverted ribbon cut in his Pitts
Bum Steer takes to the sky at the 2021 Atlanta Airshow
Bum Steer takes off to form up withe the F-35 for the Heritage Flight
Texas Raiders Starting Number 1
Texas Raiders starts her number 1 engine
Head-on with Texas Raiders
B-17G Flying Fortress 'Texas Raiders' returns from a flight over north Georgia
Heritage Flight over the 2021 Atlanta Airshow
The USAF Heritage Flight makes a pass over the 2021 Atlanta Airshow
Lightning Heatwave
F-35 Lightning II trails turbulent air as it climbs over Peachtree City, GA
F-35A Weapons Bay Pass
USAF Maj Kristin "Beo" Wolfe in the F-35A Lightning II
Long Lines to see Texas Raiders
Even at 10 in the morning, the lines werre long for a chance to see Texas Raiders up close.
Legacy Flight over Peachtree City
The FG-1D Corsair flies with a pair of US Navy F-35C Lightning II stealth fighters during the Legacy Flight
Lightning Takeoff
F-35C Lightning II performs a simulated waveoff at Peachtree City, GA
Texas Raiders Photo Pass
Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 'Texas Raiders' over Peachtree City, GA
Texas Raiders Photo Pass
B-17G Flying Fortress 'Texas Raiders'
Corsair Takeoff
CAF Airbase Georgia's FG-1D Corsair takes to the sky at Peachtree City, GA
Mark 'Mutha' Hubbard, Corsair Driver
Mark ‘Mutha’ Hubbard taxis the Corsair in preparation for takeoff
The U.S. Navy F-35C performs a High Speed Pass. Note the shock wave distortion.