MCAS Beaufort Airshow_Angie Stansbery

Gary Ward & Hayden Proffitt II at the start line of a very close race
AV-8B Harrier in full hover - check out the heat signature
Blue Angels as they turn away from the crowd with their famous Blue & Gold paint scheme glistening in the SC sunshine
Lcdr Andre Webb as he pulls vapor in his quick takeoff to begin the show
Class of 45 cross - ready, break boys
Cross of 45 - lets bring this in super close
Class of 45 with Jim Tobul & Scott Yoak doing the dedication pass
The Blue Angels four-ship is bringing it in tight in front of the crowds
Maj Paul "Loco" Lopez right before a turn & burn showing off the belly - where the business comes from
F22 turn & burn in full afterburner
Gary Ward showing off in the MX2
Scott Yoak buzzes the crowd in his P-51 Quick Silver
Hayden Proffitt II screams down the runway in his jet truck
Marines VMFAT-501 F-35B
Lock F-35B Lightning II
Absolute center shot of the amazing F35B during his hover directly in front of the crowd