Terre Haute Airshow_Alan Barbor

The A26 Invader departs for the warbirds review in Terre Haute
Blue Angel Solos 5 and 6 dazzle crowd in Terre Haute with tight crossing manuvers
The humidity provided the setting for vapor over the wings of the Blue Angels F18 Hornet
The Blue Angel Diamond in the echelon pass showcasing the tight flying performed in alot of their manuvers
Solos 5 and 6 takeoff to rock Terre Haute in the final act of the show
The rare F100 Super Sabre departs for the Jet Warbird Review
"Loco" exits the show box in rapid fashion showcasing the F22's raw power.,
"Loco" showcases the sleek lines of the F22
Matt Younkin makes a photo pass in his beautiful Beech 18
P51 Heritage and honor featuring the CAF Red Tail Mustang
Billy Werth and David Werth present "Sibling Rivalry" to the Terre Haute Crowd
TBM photo pass during the warbirds over Terre Haute