TBM Salute to Veterans_Tom Hedlund

A group to remember
These fine gentlemen are a small sampling of the men responsible for the freedom that we enjoy today. Not shown in this imagine are the wonderful Volunteers…
AU1 by another color
This is a paint scheme that is not commonly seen on a Corsairs. These colors are what would be typical of AU-1. This one is representing an aircraft flown by…
Historic Ramp
World War II era planes were not the only World War II items on the ramp during the TBM Salute to the Veterans , there were plenty of WWII era vehicles and…
Mig Alley in tight.
Two once mortal enemy aircraft meeting again in a tight formation in the skies over Peru.
Navy Birds
A pair of former U.S. Navy birds holding their formation in front of the crowd line.
Nice Combo
Not a often seen formation, a Wildcat, Corsair, Sabre and an Invader join together in the skies over Illinois.
Pair of Sabres
1st Jet Fighters of the United States Air Force and the one closest to the camera is one of the oldest flying F-86As. A true piece of flying history.
Brad Decker's flawless TBM-3E, showing respect to fallen fellow aviators, with the recent addition of Vlado Lenoch. If even with their passing they will never…
Rocky Mountain 309 TBM Avenger
The Rocky Mountain Wing of the Commemorative Air Force brought their extraordinary TBM Avenger "309" to the gathering. Here it is taking off for another sortie…
TBM Missing Man
A four ship formation of TBMs performing a flawless missing man flight. To aviators, this is the ultimate sign of respect and admiration for a fallen pilot.
Wildcat taxing
A F4F Wildcats with its unmistakable landing gear configuration.