Waukegan Air Show_Tom Hedlund

A pair of Sabres
Paul Keppeler's beautiful F-86 Sabre next to the Warbird Heritage Foundation's stunning F-86 Sabre flown by Steve Kirik perfect weather in Waukegan.
Dacy Rolling
Susan Dacy and her famous Super Stearman called Big Red executing a faultless barrel roll.
Fast Freedom
Jeff Kaney of Mig Alley Airshow debuting their super slick F-5 Freedom Fighter in front of a surprised crowd as he quickly enters from the left.
Heinemann's Hot-Rod
Heinemann's Hot-Rod being piloted by the gracious Paul Wood of the Warbird Heritage Foundation over the skies of Waukegan.
Keeping tight.
The Hopper Jet team making formation flying look so easy in their refined L-39s.
Missing Man
The T-28s performing the Missing Man formation to pay respect for the 9-11 victims and heroes and in special memory of Vlado Lenoch.
Paul Wood guiding the munitions from his Scooter to neutralizing any enemies forces on the field at Waukegan.
Shooting Stars
Carl Schwerman setting the Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star on its side performing a well executed photo pass.