Chicago Air and Water Show_Tom Hedlund

Firefighters  Part of the "Water Show" featured the Chicago Fire Department's recent commissioned Boat 6-8-8 known as a Fast Boat which is named for Eugene Blackmon Jr, he passed away in 1998 while executing a rescue dive on the Calumet River. Grandpa Ross making an entrance  David Ross the retired catcher of the World Series Chicago Cubs, is preparing to come in for a gentle landing with the Golden Knights on the North Beach in front of a vast crowd. Heritage Break  The P-51 Bum Steer spectacularly separates from the ACC F-22 Raptor on the final pass of the Heritage Flight. John Handcock and the Blues  The Blue Angels in their iconic "4 Ship Diamond"  in front of Chicago's iconic John Hancock building
Power on demand  The ACC Demo team F-22 Raptor showing off the ground rattling power of the Pratt and Whitney F119 engine. The mist maker  The U.S. Marines showing off the remarkable hovering capabilities over Lake Michigan. WHF A4 in from the right.  Paul Wood of the Warbird Heritage Foundation making several passes down the lake shore, while the enthusiastic crowd looks on.