Wingnuts Flying Circus_Don Thum

The Aeroshell team bomb burst breakout.
The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit from Whiteman AFB makes a low pass over the airshow.
A flight of four Mustangs fly over the airport at the Wingnuts Flying Circus airshow at Tarko, MO.
Greg Shetterly stalls out the One Design he built over eleven years in his living room.
Tag! You're it. Kent Pietsch lands one wheel on top of the Chevy Silerado cab. Does this qualify for STOL?
Matt Younkin takes his Beech 18 through the graceful "Elephant Walk"
Shawn Tucker takes a look at the ribbon from the North end of the field.
Still undecided of which way to cut it, Shawn Tucker takes a look at the ribbon from the South end of the field.
Oh, what the heck, let's just cut the ribbon inverted just for fun.
Two rare airiplanes, a P-40 and a P-63 King Cobra in formation at the Wingnuts Flying Circus.
Sam Graves, Congressional Representative from Missouri, puts the P-40 into a roll.
The P-63, King Cobra, one of only four still flying attended the Wingnuts Flying Circus at Tarkio, MO.
Gary Rower flys Tempest, a Super Stearman, out of a loop and gives the crowd a head on look at the Super Steraman.