Olympic Airshow_Mike Head

Olympic Jet Inc Aero Vodochody N39VC being towed into the display area.
Mustang High Flight Dornier Alpha-Jet N120AU parked in the morning with the canopies up for a flight.
Olympic Jet Inc P-51D Mustang N51KD "American Beauty" in a banana pass down the showline.
Homebuilt Christen Eagle N14KW (001) pushed out into the display area.
Olympic Flight Museum Vough (Goodyear) FG-1D Corsair N72NW C/N 3697 #92436 with wings folded resting.
Pacific Aero Ventures TA-4J N518TA "Ginny Girl" #14291. Aircraft rebuilt from TA-4J 158486 & A-4L 148602. Aircraft in beautiful shape but did not fly on the…
Olympic Jet Inc Kaman HH-43 Huskie N4069R #64-17558 being towed to the flight area. Helicopter without question is the highlight of the Olympic Air Show.
Historic Flight Foundation P-51B Mustang N5087F "Impatient Virgin" Fiscal Year 42-106638 with the guns in the wing being displayed to a couple of interested…
Olympic Flight Museum Bell OH-13G Sioux Fiscal Year 52-7819 c/n 1046. Fine example of a hard working utility helicopter used in large numbers in the Korean War.…
Olympic Flight Museum Boeing 1B75A Stearman N56208 (75-2443) parked on the ramp in the early morning.