Jesse James Outlaw Airshow_Don Thun

Super Stearman  Lee Crouch brings the 450 HP Super Stearman in position for another maneuver. B-25 "Show Me" Low Pass  B-25 "Show Me" makes a low pass over the runway. Bob Richards  Bob Richards rolls the Pitts against a blue sky Brian Correll  Brian Correll brings the Pitts in for a low level photo pass.
Brian Correll Ribbon Cut  Brian Correll makes an inverted ribbon cut with his Pitts S-1 Kyle Franklin Comedy Act  Enraged pilot, played by Bryan, trys to recover his stolen  airplane from a drunken pilot played by Kyle Franklin in the Comedy Cub routine. T-28 Trojan  The last thing the mosquito saw was the 1425 HP T-28 Trojan flown by Vince Hill demonstrating its performance. T-33 Acemaker  Greg Colyer brings the T-33, Acemaker, a design from the late 1940s,  in front of the crowd highlighting the performance of the early jets.
TBM & B-25 in Formation  Sam Graves brings the TBM Avenger in tight formation with the B-25, Show Me for a photo pass.  You won't see this very often. Team Vortex Heade on Pass  Bob Richards and Brian Correll of the Vortex Team thrill the crowd with a head on pass. Aeroshell Aerobatic Team  The Aeroshell Team's dramatic bomb burst against the brilliant blue Kansas sky Dodge Viper  The Viper hitting 171 mph was one of many exotic sports cars making high speed runs down the runway.  Top speed reached was 202 mph.  Keep your Chevy Sonics at home when these guys are out.
Torque Roll  What's it like directly under a torque roll?  Now you know.