Warbird Gathering in Waukesha_ Tom Hedlund

B25 head on.JPG
The striking B-25 known as Miss Mitchell heading out for another sortie.
Commemorative Air Force chocks .JPG
Chocks in, the Commemorative Air Force keeping the planes in place.
Dissimilar Formation.JPG
The Sabre, the MiG-17 and the L-39 doing some formation work.
Everyone is checking out the spectacular B-25 Miss Mitchell.
Everyone is checking out the spectacular B-25 Miss Mitchell.
F86 making life difficult on a MIG
Paul Keppeler putting his jet in a perfect firing position on the MiG-17
Keeping it low
Vlado Lenoch bring Baby Duck in fast and low at the Warbird Gathering
L-39 reflection
The smoothest L-39 out there, as you can undoubtedly see the reflection of the crowd in its finish.
Marshaled crowd by the Miss Mitchell.
The airshow fans are marshaled close to the Miss Mitchell as another aircraft is started up and taxied out.
Mig17 in burner
The MiG-17 using some burner to try and get out of the sights of the F-86.
Paul Keppeler returning from flight
Wherever Paul Keppeler's Sabre lands it always draws a crowd, as it did at Waukesha.
SNJ providing rides.JPG
The Commemorative Air Force's SNJ providing rides.
TBM Avenger soaking up the sun.JPG
The weather in the Midwest finally cooperated and Warbird were able to enjoy some warm weather.
TBM Avenger turning in.
This well known TBM Avenger turning in to make another pass.
The Helmet
The faithful helmet awaiting it time to fly.