Travis AFB Air Show_Mark Loper

Golden Knights
The primary support aircraft of the Golden Knights, The C-31A TROOPSHIP
A C-5 Galaxy on approach at the 2017 Travis Air Show
Hot Streak
Hayden Profitt in the Hot Streak Jet Truck taps the throttles showing off a little power behind him
Swapping spit
Known as "swapping spit", 2 KC-10s simulate sending and receiving fuel at the 2017 Travis Air Show
While tracking the solo sneak pass of the USAF Thunderbirds, the 4-ship in trail comes into frame
Through the light
Dynamic image of the Thunderbirds diamond through some changing weather
Transonic vapor cone emerging from the Super Hornet TAC Demo Team at the 2017 Travis Air Show.
Joint jumpers
A rare combined jump with the Wings of Blue and the Golden Knights over the 2017 Travis Air Show.