TBM Gathering_Tom Hedlund

Avenger take off
TRM Avenger takeoff.
Brad Deckert and Verg Bloomquist Avenger Flight
Brad Deckert taking Verg Bloomquist an 92 year old TBM turret gunner up in a plane his hasn't flown in since the World War II.
Despite the morning into afternoon rain showers, the TBM Gathering in Peru Illinois had a impressive turn out.
Mig17 of Mig Alley Airshow generating vapor
Jeff Kaney and his distinctive MiG-17, puling up to help condense the moisture out of the air.
Paul Keppeler and his F-86 returning
Paul Keppeler bring his stunning F-86 back to the ramp after a successful flight.
Ridge runner 2 returning
Tennessee "Ridge Runner" II another good-looking TBM returning from their late afternoon sortie.
T6 and the flag
TBM Avengers fly by
Two TBM Avengers doing some formation flying while opening up the bomb bay doors.
Verg Bloomquist watching a T6 take off
Verg Bloomquist a 92 year old TBM turret gunner enjoys the sights and sounds of a T-6 taking off.
Veterans Parade
Several Veterans participated in a parade to kick off the TBM Gathering.
Water cannon salute for Verg Bloomquist
Verg Bloomquist a 92 year old TBM turret gunner receiving a water canon salute from the local fire department on returning from his flight with Brad Deckert.