WWII Heritage Days_Chris Buff

Angels gets a ride in the Dauntless
The CAF Dixie Wing's Angela Decker gets the suprise of her life. A ride in the SBD-5 Dauntless!
Dauntless Taxi
The CAF Dixie Wing's SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber moves to the runup area
German Soldier sitting in camp
A reenactor sits in the German Camp at World War II Heritage Days
German Soldier Reenactor
German Soldier Reenactor in the German camp at World War II Heritage Days
American GI Reenactors
GI Reenactors sit in the US camp
King Cobra Takeoff
The CAF's recently restored P-63 King Cobra takes to the sky on a test flight overt Peachtree City
WWII Naval Aviator
One of the excellent reenactors at WWII Heritage Days. Here a Naval Aviator contemplates the days mission
King Cobra Rollout
The CAF Dixie Wing's P{-63 King Cobra rolls out after landing
USO Reenactors
USO reenactors at the 2017 World War II Heritage Days
Double Trouble - P40 Warhawk and P51 Mustang
P-40 Warhawk and P-51 Mustang taxi to the ramp at Peachtree City