Wings Over Golden Isles_Chris Buff

Aeroshell Over The Top
Team Aeroshell hauls their Texan's over the top of a loop
Blue Angels Diamond Pass
The Blue Angels Diamond passes in front of the crowd at The Wings Over Golden Aisles Airshow
Blues Walkdown
The Blue Angels perform the pre-flight walkdown at the start of their flight demonstration
Bryan Regan waves hello
Bryan Regan waves hello as his Aeroshell T-6 taxis back to the ramp
Stealth Office
Cockpit of a brand-new F-35 Lightning II
Jimmy Fordham Aeroshell Hello
Jimmy Fordham waves hello from his Aeroshell T-6
Launching The Raptor
The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor takes off to begin its flight demonstration
Raptor Dedication Pass
The F-22 Raptor performs the Dedication Pass
F-22 Raptor High Speed Pass
F-22 Raptor pulls up after a high-speed pass
Raptor, Turning and Burning - 2017 Christopher Buff,
F-22 Raptor Turning and Burning over Brunswick, GA
Reflections on Panchito
The highly polished skin of the B-25 Mitchell "Panchito" reflects a beautiful spring aky.
Severe Clear Dediication Pass
The F-22 Raptor performs the Dedication Pass under a severe clear sky
The Blues Carry the Colors
Members of the Blue Angels maintenance team carry the colors at the conclusion of the teams flight demonstration
Handler and his Bird of Prey
F-22 Raptor and Ground Crew at the conclusion of the flight demonstration